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What Are Screw Chillers And How They Perform

Screw Chiller, Dual Screw ChillerWhen it comes to cooling needs of bulk drug and pharmaceutical industry, they have very strict cooling and humidity control needs. For these industries dual screw chiller is considered as the most apt and suitable solution. Now we talk about circuitry of these, then they comprise of twin screw compressor which features two independent refrigeration and hydraulic units and a semi hermetic motor. The machine can meet the different temperature requirements of area cooling and/or process cooling at the same time. This also assists in augmenting the energy efficiency.

If we compare it with centrifugal chiller, then the key difference is that of the compressors. Centrifugal chiller comprises of centrifugal compressor, on the other hand, screw chiller consists of screw compressor and can produce a higher compression ratio but lower volume of refrigerant flow per unit of energy as compared to centrifugal compressor. Generally, chillers are chosen depending on the temperature ranges you desire to achieve when installing the system. If you desire high volume, very low temperatures, more efficient cooling then screw chiller can be the best choice. They work better at higher compression ratios and comparatively lower volumes. In addition, you can easily find a huge range of eco friendly chillers, so if you want to install eco friendly and environment friendly equipments in your surroundings then you can easily find one such chiller.

You will be delighted to know that these chillers are highly advanced and microprocessor controlled. So you can ensure fully coordinated and optimum operation always. Finding reputed manufacturer is very easy. You can easily find an established service provider online. You can easily discuss your cooling requirements with them to find most suitable and apt solution. You can find dual screw chillers in both the types air and water cooled. The chillers are very cost-effective. Just make sure that choose a reputed manufacturer, this way you will also be able to ensure the durability, reliability and best quality of chillers. You can also find the contact details of manufacturers online; this will assist you in clearing your doubts and discussing your requirements more easily.