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Air Conditioning System Provider – Cristopia Energy Systems India

During the heat wavy summer season Cooling and Heating System Manufacturer are the best method to worn out hot weather. Due to increment of humidity in the atmosphere it results in unhygienic condition as it is the favorable temperature for reproduction of harmful bacteria and parasites. The continuous circulation of soggy air creates an atmosphere filled with syndromes and immune sensitive.

Air Conditioning Systems India, Cooling and Heating System Manufacturer India, Cristopia Energy Systems, Green EnergyHere comes the role of air conditioning systems which not only cools the surrounding air but also purify the unhygienic air circulating around us. This will translate stinky air into fresh air which is snug to inhale. Such kind of Dehumidifiers are applied everywhere whether it would be for household purpose or for business term.

Cristopia Energy Systems (I) Pvt Ltd is air conditioning systems in India, well furnished specialist with a team of engineers who assembles both large and small scale cooling, heating and energy management solutions, like those of Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems, in India. Below are the properties of Kriscool chillers:

  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces the energy expenditure and preservation price which will save your budget.
  • High Performance: Chillers are compactly designed in order to cater maximal outcome in lesser space.
  • Maximum Reliability: Chillers are compiled with futuristic component design, machine configuration and lots of safety properties which brings maximum flexibility .
  • Dual Functionality: Permits alternative de-super heaters, facilitating hot water generation, totally costless.

Air Cooled Chillers:
Its a technique where air is used to consume heat Which is totally Eco-friendly. Such chillers have nominal cost of HFC refrigerant which is internationally authorized. The designed chillers have been certified to the refrigerant leakage of limit of 1 gm/year, thereby resulting in the optimal leak-proof cooling solution.

Features attracting viewer’s concentration:

  • Adaptive Control: Adjustment of internal controls which can be fitted to any of the systems.
  • BMS Communication: Includes MODBUS/BACNET/ETHERNET/LON protocol permitting enhanced flexibility.
  • Extended Service Life: Implemented with safety equipments like those of Phase Inversion Protection, Discharge Temperature Control, High & Low Pressure Protection and Anti-short Cycle
  • Ergonomic Interface: Eco-friendly LCD screens demonstrating Parameter Readings, Temperature, Pressure, Time and Log Menu and much more.
  • Pump Control: Permits On/Off control up to 2 pumps.


HVAC Air conditioning Systems Manufacturers Are Trusted

HVAC Air conditioning Systems Manufacturers IndiaHeating ventilation and air conditioning system are very common addition in every industry and household. Generally individuals know these systems with their acronym HVAC. They are important in every setting because they provide conditioned air, which is odorless and clean to breather in a comfortable and safe environment. Their purpose is to control the movement, quality and temperature of the air in order to ensure a comfortable living environment. Depending on the set up they are to be installed in they are categorized as residential HVACs, commercial HVACs and industrial HVACs. This categorization makes it easier for you to choose one can best suffice your requirements. As one single system suffice your heating ventilation and cooling requirements, so the working principle is designed in a way that the system behaves in a repetitive cycle to meet its responsibilities to deliver heated or cooled air as required.

Does this mean all HVAC systems are same? Certainly not, despite the fact that their working principle and functionality is same but the designing and comprised units are completely different. As a result when looking for these systems whether to meet your heating cooling and ventilation needs of residential building or commercial or industrial, it is vital that you buy these systems from reputed and renowned HVAC manufacturers India. There are manufacturers in India who are known for their best quality services and unmatched customer service. Say if we talk about key internal components then exhaust ducts and supply and return ducts in the HVAC system are installed. They need to be installed efficiently so that the system can function properly. This now again makes it vital to choose reputed air conditioning systems manufacturers who can deliver best quality best products.

HVAC systems manufacturers are many, but only few are able to deliver systems that requires less installation and maintenance costs, are energy efficient and are reliable and provide high performance. Air conditioning systems India are durable, reliable and cost-effective. Cristopia Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. Are known for their best quality products that are reliable, durable as well as energy efficient. Their customer service is also unmatched and satisfactory.

What Are Screw Chillers And How They Perform

Screw Chiller, Dual Screw ChillerWhen it comes to cooling needs of bulk drug and pharmaceutical industry, they have very strict cooling and humidity control needs. For these industries dual screw chiller is considered as the most apt and suitable solution. Now we talk about circuitry of these, then they comprise of twin screw compressor which features two independent refrigeration and hydraulic units and a semi hermetic motor. The machine can meet the different temperature requirements of area cooling and/or process cooling at the same time. This also assists in augmenting the energy efficiency.

If we compare it with centrifugal chiller, then the key difference is that of the compressors. Centrifugal chiller comprises of centrifugal compressor, on the other hand, screw chiller consists of screw compressor and can produce a higher compression ratio but lower volume of refrigerant flow per unit of energy as compared to centrifugal compressor. Generally, chillers are chosen depending on the temperature ranges you desire to achieve when installing the system. If you desire high volume, very low temperatures, more efficient cooling then screw chiller can be the best choice. They work better at higher compression ratios and comparatively lower volumes. In addition, you can easily find a huge range of eco friendly chillers, so if you want to install eco friendly and environment friendly equipments in your surroundings then you can easily find one such chiller.

You will be delighted to know that these chillers are highly advanced and microprocessor controlled. So you can ensure fully coordinated and optimum operation always. Finding reputed manufacturer is very easy. You can easily find an established service provider online. You can easily discuss your cooling requirements with them to find most suitable and apt solution. You can find dual screw chillers in both the types air and water cooled. The chillers are very cost-effective. Just make sure that choose a reputed manufacturer, this way you will also be able to ensure the durability, reliability and best quality of chillers. You can also find the contact details of manufacturers online; this will assist you in clearing your doubts and discussing your requirements more easily.

Cristopia Energy Systems Bring Green Energy Cooling Solutions

Green energy solutions-Cristopia Energy SystemsIt is obviously true that mother earth is heating up in a hasten pace which is why the demand for energy sources are incredibly growing. Everybody is talking about using more environmental friendly solutions, planting trees or cutting down the amount of pollution. Taking all these actions has also become vital. This won’t only do good to Mother Nature but also help us give healthier, greener and happier surroundings to next generation. With this very thought Cristopia Energy Systems bring to you a very efficient green energy cooling solutions. No matter what your cooling requirements are, you will find their solutions extremely perfect for your surroundings.

They also have a huge range of heating products available at really cost-effective rates. The solutions available are perfect for retail outlets, hospitals, commercial buildings, offices, hotels etc. Green energy solutions are much more energy efficient too. So, their installation will be a pocket friendly choice for you. Basically green energy can be defined as the form of electricity that originates from a manner or process that has a less negative impact on the environment. Several types of green energy are available including but not limited to: solar, wind, hydro, thermal etc. The cooling system made available Cristopia Energy Systems is an air conditioning system that even provides you with hot water without consuming any additional power.

These solutions can cut your utility bills up to 43% and you can also contribute towards making earth a better place. So, if all these years you have been thinking in order to reduce the effects of global warming you only have to plant trees then you are sadly mistaken. Also by using environment friendly products you can do your bit. These products are very reasonably priced and due to great reputation and client base you can also trust their services. So, bring a positive change in your surroundings too and install green energy products now. You can find the contact details on their official site. So, feel free to contact in order to discuss your requirements.

Air Conditioning Systems India – Reliable, Efficient And Affordable

All around the globe air conditioning and heating systems are in high demand. They not only make your surroundings comfortable and convenient but also ensure that the setting is great and perfect for your well-being. Now when it comes to purchase and installation of VRV VRF VRW air conditioning systems then wide choices are available. Number of manufacturers specialize in these systems and present you with great cooling and heating systems. But not all are equally experienced and in turn their systems are not so efficient and reliable.

VRV VRF VRW air conditioning systemsIf we talk about air conditioning systems India then they are getting highly recognized all around globe. Not only individuals are finding them great for residential purpose but business professionals are also finding them energy efficient as well as great for their commercial set ups like industries. Cristopia Energy Systems is a leading, reputed and established name when it comes to heating and cooling systems. With more than 18 years of experience they have provided the best and customized solutions to number of properties including but not limited to: hotels and hospitality, IT Parks, malls and retail outlets, office buildings and commercial setups and many more such properties.

Being the highly reputed cooling and heating system manufacturer India they present you with array of services like: heat pumps, air cooled & water cooled chillers and many more. The solutions they provide are highly competent and advanced. So, you can rely on them for best solution depending on your industry type. Their teams of workers are experienced, qualified, skilled and professional. They not only ensure 100% customer satisfaction but also guarantee best solutions in your budgetary levels. You can easily get in their contact and discuss your cooling and heating requirement.

Many established and trusted trade names are their customers. After listening closely to your needs and requirements they customize a most apt and most suitable system that will suffice your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. They are known for energy efficient and reliable solutions. So, look no further and contact the trusted manufacturer now.

Best Water Cooled and Air Cooled Chillers at Affordable Rate

Today the whole planet is facing the problem of global warming, pollution, hazardous radiations and much more. All these factors lead in hike of temperature during summer season. So, it’s very hard to imagine our life throughout the summer months without any chilling machines which are designed for chilling our operating and residential environments. Differing types of chillers are being innovated and plenty of firms are still hanging over the concepts in order to create a lot of economical and expedient chilling devices. The concern regarding cool devices it ought to be noted that they’re thought-about to be less energy economical than those in operation by water, but they’re not as expensive as water cooled units and fewer big-ticket to take care of.
Air and Water cooled chillers
Chillers are the best solution for hot weather summer seasons. You will come across plenty of manufacturers who used to device the chillers. But the question is how to know which one are the best chillers at affordable rate?

  • Structure and Working of Air cooled water chillers:

An air cooled chiller is a packed system. It comprises of evaporator, tubes, central chamber, compressor and condenser.

The working principle begins with the evaporator. The source is filled with fluid, mainly water or an ethylene glycol/water mix, which is again recycled. That source is linked with desired machinery and then current is supplied to the chiller. Its total function is coordinated by the manager/controller. A user can easily adjust the framework as per the situation desires such as temperature, flow and pressure. An internal filter is applied to eliminate the hazardous matter from the process.

  • Water cooled chillers:

Water cooled chiller is an automatic machine which are manufactured to aid exchange warm air from the liquid to a refrigerant in a closed system. After this the refrigerant is stimulated to a position where the extra moisture is being transported to the surrounding.

Water chiller functions by the application of refrigerant and then it is being released in a looped system that involves a compressor, an evaporator, and condenser. The liquid begins within a compressor in which it is pumped along with piercing mainly through compressor air. Then the liquid is grasped with a heat source where the absorbance of moisture continues onward to an evaporator.

Water cooled chillers and Air cooled chillers are being manufactured by Cristopia Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. India which is one of the top companies for chillers.

Air Cooled Chillers Vs Water Cooled Chillers

Chillers are the equipments that are typically based upon compressor which functions to control the temperature of both liquid and air. The technology is furnished with a reservoir, a regulator that controls temperature and a recirculation pump. Based upon the operation and objective of chillers they are categorized under two types of chillers namely: air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers.

Air cooled chillers:

Air cooled chillers applies the procedure of both evaporation and condensation along a locked system in order to freeze the air of atmosphere. The process of cooling begins with an evaporator consisting of tubes being encircled with a central chamber. The tubes are for cooling purposes. The central chamber is linked up with a compressor which is hooked up with condenser and then finally completes the cycle with connection along the evaporator.

Air cooled chillers are popular in the modern era and achieving its popularity since 1980’s. Nowadays they are utilized by ranging from smaller one to larger one industrial sector and can be emulsified as per the needs. The popularity is mainly because of the comprehensive property of air cooled chillers and its reduced price linked with termination of cooling tower. In the latest model of chillers the hydronic features such as those of pump and expansion tank might be implemented and tested further.

Water cooled chillers:

Water cooled chiller is an automatic technology mainly utilized to motivate the moisture transfer to a refrigerant in locked system. The refrigerant is further pushed to a position where the extra moisture is being moved to the surroundings.

Water chiller is also implemented with hydroponics, pumps, lights and the moist air which helps in heating of the reservoir water temperatures. It is used to reduce the water temperature up to 68 degree Fahrenheit (20 degree Celsius). This will lead an eco friendly nature of the water chiller.

Air cooled chillers Vs Water cooled chillers

Mainly air cooled chillers are applied because of the following characteristics:

  • Minimal cooling loads: Air chillers are applies 300 tons of chilling capacity. Also industrial experts recommend it with chilling capacity of 200 to 250 tons. On the other hand water chiller increases the cost potential.
  • Momentous time in respect to high temperatures and moisture: Even though water chillers are applied in diverse climatic range then also it lacks minimal reduced temperature and moisture content are high. It might be problematic to acknowledge the cost of water and its treatment
  • Easy to maintain: Air chillers can be maintained by the user but water chillers always require an experienced staff for its maintenance.

Industrial Chillers- Air cooled chillers and Water cooled chillers

Prior to the discussion about chillers, let’s know what chillers stands for? A chiller is equipment that eliminates moist air against a liquid by a compressed vapor or absorption refrigeration cycle. These chillers are applicable to residential as well as industrial sectors.

Chillers basically available in the market are of two types.

  • Air cooled chillers
  • Water cooled chillers

Both the chillers are galvanized by dynamic motors, steam or gas appliances. These chillers consist of four units via which chilling stuffs passes through:

  • Evaporator: Chiller outturns frozen water/air in the evaporator where frozen refrigerant surpasses from the evaporator bundle. This refrigerant vaporizes as soon as warm air is being transmitted via the liquid. Again this frozen liquid is forced through the frozen water distribution unit into air handler unit.
  • Compressor: Evaporated refrigerant quits the evaporator and transmitted to the compressor unit, and then it is being compressed and converted into a high pressure, high temperature moisture. Then again quits the compressor section and moves to the condenser unit.
  • Condenser: Here warm refrigerant travels inside the tubes which consist of condenser coiled water. The moist air is transmitted to the water/air in order to transform into chilled liquid/air. Then the condensed air/water is stimulated to the cooling tower where moisture is transmitted from water to the surroundings.
  • Expansion valve: The refrigerant surpasses to the evaporator via the expansion valve. This valve manages the function of chilling. Here, refrigerant widens to a reduced pressure including reduced temperature. It passes near the evaporator tubes captivating the moisture of the frozen water which has been exchanged via the air handle unit and thereby completes its refrigeration cycle.

Principle on which air and water cooled chillers are based:

The working principle of a chiller can easily be understood. The source is packed with fluid, mainly water or an ethylene glycol/water mix, which is again recycled. That source is attached with desired machinery and then current is being equipped by the chiller. It’s all regulatory role is controlled by the manager/controller. A user can easily adjust the framework as per the situation desires such as temperature, flow and pressure. An internal filter is applied to eliminate the hazardous matter from the process.

Air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers in India is easily available on Cristopia cooling solutions.  In India, it is the top most firm of chilling devices enveloping both large and small scale cooling, heating and energy management solutions, such as Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems. Chilling technology is planted on heat transfer adopting the vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

VRV VRF VRW Air Conditioning Systems: A Perfect Way to Beat Heat

As the summer season approaches, lots of tension keeps on struggling in our mind how to make life smoother. Nowadays, technologies are advancing day by day to make life more enjoyable, adorable. HVAC manufacturers in India are one of such upcoming and subversive technology to worn out unbeatable summer. In the midst of air cooled technology VRV VRF VRW air conditioning systems in India are the most popular one. They are Eco-friendly, affordable rate, do not require much space, long term efficiency and easy for maintenance. Having plenty of advantages these technologies are being applied by almost all of the industries, offices, residential, malls and so on.

Cristopia cooling solutions in India began its journey since 1994, manufactures   HVAC technology of cooling devices inclusive of heating and energy management solutions, such as Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF):
For cooling and heating mode a refrigerant is applied that permits an outward cooling system being linked with multiple fan-coil units (FCUs), which  is managed by its user. VRF technology functions at the desired scale in order to save the energy at limited capacity. It consists of respective indoor units as per heating or cooling is desired. On the other hand internal heat recovery is beneficial for compressor goods, saves up to 55% of energy. VRF is inherited with air conditioner inverter that boosts a DC inverter for backing of volatile motor speed linked with refrigerant flow besides depending upon on/off action.

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume):
VRV is the latest air cooling automation being applied by huge building besides be its offices, malls or theaters. The anterior part of the performing temperature has been enhanced from –15°C to – 20°C. This hi tech gadgets comprises of outdoor dimensions, perfect energy saving power, easy to implement, high efficiency and much more.

VRW air conditioning systems:
VRW air conditioning systems are self-operated with stable flow rate mangers which is achieved via regulatory blade with no friction which results in providing chilled airs. It comprises of low vibrations, easy to install in any duct of orientation, reduced leakage power, temperature resistance from -30°C to +100°C.