Air Cooled Chillers Vs Water Cooled Chillers

Chillers are the equipments that are typically based upon compressor which functions to control the temperature of both liquid and air. The technology is furnished with a reservoir, a regulator that controls temperature and a recirculation pump. Based upon the operation and objective of chillers they are categorized under two types of chillers namely: air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers.

Air cooled chillers:

Air cooled chillers applies the procedure of both evaporation and condensation along a locked system in order to freeze the air of atmosphere. The process of cooling begins with an evaporator consisting of tubes being encircled with a central chamber. The tubes are for cooling purposes. The central chamber is linked up with a compressor which is hooked up with condenser and then finally completes the cycle with connection along the evaporator.

Air cooled chillers are popular in the modern era and achieving its popularity since 1980’s. Nowadays they are utilized by ranging from smaller one to larger one industrial sector and can be emulsified as per the needs. The popularity is mainly because of the comprehensive property of air cooled chillers and its reduced price linked with termination of cooling tower. In the latest model of chillers the hydronic features such as those of pump and expansion tank might be implemented and tested further.

Water cooled chillers:

Water cooled chiller is an automatic technology mainly utilized to motivate the moisture transfer to a refrigerant in locked system. The refrigerant is further pushed to a position where the extra moisture is being moved to the surroundings.

Water chiller is also implemented with hydroponics, pumps, lights and the moist air which helps in heating of the reservoir water temperatures. It is used to reduce the water temperature up to 68 degree Fahrenheit (20 degree Celsius). This will lead an eco friendly nature of the water chiller.

Air cooled chillers Vs Water cooled chillers

Mainly air cooled chillers are applied because of the following characteristics:

  • Minimal cooling loads: Air chillers are applies 300 tons of chilling capacity. Also industrial experts recommend it with chilling capacity of 200 to 250 tons. On the other hand water chiller increases the cost potential.
  • Momentous time in respect to high temperatures and moisture: Even though water chillers are applied in diverse climatic range then also it lacks minimal reduced temperature and moisture content are high. It might be problematic to acknowledge the cost of water and its treatment
  • Easy to maintain: Air chillers can be maintained by the user but water chillers always require an experienced staff for its maintenance.


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